October 7-9, 2014

You are kindly invited to attend the 2. JARUS Low Level RPAS Operations: Harmonised Requirements Workshop. As the first workshop in February in Rome, this workshop will aim at facilitating National Aviation Authorities to discuss and share experiences about their national RPAS regulations, both implemented and currently under development. But in addition for the second workshop industry participation is envisaged.
As the EUROCAE WG-93 is dealing with the small RPAS, mostly used for today’s low level RPAS operation, they would be the our natural partner.
The main goal of the workshop is to develop a database which contains the different national regulation, the differences and the „delta“ that is needed for obtaining an authorization in a Country starting from an authorization of another Country. An additional goal, if interest exists, is to build a database for occurrences and known technical problems of different RPAS. To facilitate this, the workshop will consist of plenary sessions and separate work sessions.
Due to the nature of the subject, participation is limited to NAAs and members of the EUROCAE WG-93.
Please note that the meeting rooms have limited capacity. Acceptance to the workshop will be on a first come, first served basis, at the discretion of JARUS.

Date: 07-09 October 2014
Place: Swiss FOCA, Mühlestrasse 2, 3063 Ittigen – SWITZERLAND
FOCA Contact: Markus Farner e-mail: markus.farner@bazl.admin.ch
JARUS Contact: Ron van de Leijgraaf e-mail: ron.vande.leijgraaf@minienm.nl
Information: This calling notice has information related to the Swiss FOCA location in Bern.
Confirmation: Interested participants are invited to request their attendance by completing the registration form.

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