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UAV DACH – an expert partner

The rapid capture, analysis and presentation of georeferenced data by unmanned aircraft is resulting in an ever growing number of new applications and markets. Unmanned flight systems have already become an established part of surveying, topographical mapping, documentation charting the Progress of construction and many other areas. They are an indispensable part of the portfolio of processes for inspections of high-voltage power lines, dams and mines. They are also becoming increasingly important in market sectors such as precision farming, sustainable forestry and socially relevant fields such as disaster management and in hazardous situations.

To ensure a sustainable professional and targeted approach to the sector, a partnership has been forged with the German-speaking Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Association UAV DACH. The association aims to integrate unmanned flight systems safely into the civilian airspace.

“As an INTERGEO design partner, UAV DACH brings the know-how to progressively develop the trade fair strategy. We aim to continue to be the most important meeting point for UAS and its applications and develop our profile internationally,”

says Freier.

“This partnership is of mutual benefit to us both,”

says Bernhard Freiherr von Bothmer, Chair of UAV DACH.

“We provide our expertise in flight safety and UAS applications, while INTERGEO offers our members the perfect platform to position themselves in geo applications.”

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