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28 28.09.2018

Aerovel Ramps Up Flexrotor Production

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Diminutive, and squat on its four lunar-lander legs, Aerovel’s Flexrotor spins-up its outsize rotor and levitates into the hot, high desert twilight. As it disappears into the darkness, its legs join into a trim rear fuselage, its broad wings take over, and the rotor slows to a flickering idle for a long, efficient cruise until […]

28 28.09.2018

New Customizable Drone Detection Radar Sensors from Ainstein

2018-09-28T08:57:35+00:0028.09.2018|Kategorien: Electronic Sub-Systems, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Ainstein, a supplier of intelligent radar sensing solutions, has announced two new products in its Ultra Long Range UAV radar series; the Ultra Long Range Airborne (ULAB-D1) and Ultra Long Range Ground-Based (ULGB-D1) radars, capable of precise detection more than 1,000 meters away. As drone adoption increases, Ainstein’s new ultra long range UAV radar systems […]

28 28.09.2018

RQ-4B Global Hawk Accident Investigation Released

2018-09-28T07:07:52+00:0028.09.2018|Kategorien: Accident Reporting, Military UAS, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

According to an Air Combat Command Accident Investigation Board (AIB) report released today, an RQ-4B Global Hawk that crashed June 21, 2017, near Lone Pine, California, broke up mid-air after experiencing issues with one of its navigational data devices/ navigators. This caused the RQ-4B to enter an unusual flight altitude and experience airspeeds that exceeded […]

27 27.09.2018

ED-R in Köln anlässlich des Besuchs des Präsidenten der Türkischen Republik am 29.9.2018

2018-09-30T16:39:33+00:0027.09.2018|Kategorien: News Blog, NOTAM / NfL, UAV DACH e.V.|Tags: , , , , |

Der UAV DACH e.V. übernimmt den Text einer entsprechenden Bitte der Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf im Originaltext.   Luftraumbeschränkungsgebiet ED-R Köln im Großraum Köln Das Gebiet mit Luftraumbeschränkungen gilt für alle Starts, Landungen und Flüge in dem Gebiet ab 0 ft über Grund. Explizit sind alle UAS, Drohnen, Flugmodelle. [...]

27 27.09.2018

Bell Unveils V-247 Vigilant Tilt-Rotor Combat Drone

2018-09-27T07:08:29+00:0027.09.2018|Kategorien: Military UAS, News, UAS Vision, VTOL|Tags: , , , |

As the U.S. Marine Corps looks to move ahead with its multi-role, vertical landing and takeoff-capable drone program, known as MUX, Bell has unveiled a new, full-scale mock-up of its V-247 Vigilant unmanned tilt-rotor at a technology exposition at one of the service’s own bases. The company has been actively pitching the design as an option […]

27 27.09.2018

Belarus Showcases Yastreb UAV

2018-09-27T06:53:06+00:0027.09.2018|Kategorien: News, UAS Vision|Tags: , |

The Belarusian aerospace industry is expanding its portfolio of strike-capable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a source from the Belarusian Academy of Sciences’ Research and Manufacturing Center of Multipurpose Unmanned Aerial Systems (NPT MBK) told Jane’s . “Belarus has developed the Yastreb [Hawk] UAV with a maximum take-off weight [MTOW] of 700 kg,” the source said. “This is […]

27 27.09.2018

Drones Inspect Power Lines on Long Island

2018-09-27T06:36:25+00:0027.09.2018|Kategorien: News, Non-Military & Commercial UAS, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

 In order to further improve and advance Long Island’s electric system, PSEG Long Island and ULC Robotics, a technology company based in Hauppauge, are deploying unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct the utility’s inspections of power lines and other important equipment. The two companies began working together in 2016 under a large-scale pilot program. This […]

27 27.09.2018

Airobotics Opens North American HQ in Arizona

2018-09-27T06:36:19+00:0027.09.2018|Kategorien: Business News, News, Non-Military & Commercial UAS, UAS Vision, VTOL|Tags: , , , , |

Airobotics, an Israeli automated drone company,announced that it will open its North American headquarters at 8340 E. Raintree Drive in Scottsdale. The company, which also has offices in Australia, Chile and New Caledonia, plans to create 80 jobs in Scottsdale by the end of 2019.  Airobotics’ first U.S. customer will be BHP, the world’s largest mining company. “When […]

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