Herzlich Willkommen im Verband!

Im ersten Quartal 2021 können wir wieder viele neue Mitglieder in unseren Reihen des UAV DACH e.V. begrüßen.


Neues Mitglied: Orthodrone GmbH


Orthodrone offers aerial services for your research, business or industry projects, based on (hybrid) UAVs, photogrammetric methods, (multi-) spectral and LiDAR technology. With research backgrounds in photogrammetry, geography, coastal sciences, and archaeology, our professional analysts and pilots gather and process the data you require.

From powerline surveys in the fields and forests of southern Germany to the desolate icy peaks of Antarctica, we are your versatile and reliable partner for surveying, modeling and surface analyses, as well as hybrid UAS platform solutions.



Orthodrone GmbH
Schauenburgerstr. 116
D-24118 Kiel