Herzlich Willkommen im Verband!

Im ersten Quartal 2020 können wir wieder viele neue Mitglieder in unseren Reihen des UAV DACH e.V. begrüßen.


Silent Wings LogoNeues Mitglied: Silent Wings GmbH



SilentWings GmbH was founded end of 2018 by Dr. Stefan Mändl and the TQ Group GmbH for the development of a high end UAV powered by fuel cells. SilentWings is a complete German based company.

Silent Wings UAS

Dr. Stefan Mändl studied in the field of physics and finished with a master and doctoral degree in experimental condensed matter. Beside these studies Dr. Stefan Mändl is active in aeromodelling, including competitions, since 20 years. A lot of experience was gained in designing, building and flying UAVs. He started in a highly technology driven class and learned to build UAVs made from composite material. For propulsion electric engines were used and pushed to their limit to obtain maximum power and efficiency. Consecutively he switched to acrobatic flight. Very precise flying is necessary to perform complex figures with high accuracy. TQ Systems GmbH is a worldwide well-known company for electronic devices and electric engines located in Bavaria. TQ Systems GmbH provides high-end products in the areas of medicine, aviation and robotics.

The support of TQ Systems GmbH is not only financially very helpful, but the management of SilentWings takes also profit in business, legal and technical issues from the long-term experience of their employees and the management board.


Silent Wings GmbH
Brunhamstraße 21
D-81249 München