basierend auf aktueller Konvention von ICAO / JARUS / EASA

Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

Abkürzung Description Bedeutung
ACAS Airborne collision avoidance system Flugzeug Kollisions-Vermeidungs System
ADS-B Automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast automatischer Überwachungs-Rundfunkdienst
AM(R)S Aeronautical mobile (route) service beweglicher Luftfahrt (Strecken) Dienst
AMS(R)S Aeronautical mobile satellite (route) service beweglicher Luftfahrt (Strecken) Satellitendienst
ARNS Aeronautical radio navigation service Luftfahrt Funknavigationsdienst
ARNSS Aeronautical radio navigation satellite service Luftfahrt Funknavigations Satellitendienst
ATC Air traffic control Flugverkehrskontrolle
ATM Air traffic management Flugverkehrsmanagement
ATS Air traffic services Flugverkehrsdienste
C2 Command and control Steuerung und Überwachung
C3 Command, control and communications Steuerung, Überwachung und Kommunikation
CAA Civil Aviation Authority Zivile Luftfahrtbehörde
CPDLC Controller-pilot data link communications Datenfernübertragung Pilot-Flugverkehrslotse
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency Europäische Luftfahrt Sicherheits Agentur
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment Europäische Organisation für Standardisierung ziviler Luftfahrtausrüstung
HF High frequency Hochfrequenz (Funkwellen)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization Internationale zivile Luftfahrt Organisation
IFR Instrument flight rules Instrumentenflugregeln
IMC Instrument meteorological conditions Instrumentenflug Wetterbedingungen
ITU International Telecommunication Union Internationale Fernmeldeunion
PANS Procedures for Air Navigation Services Verfahren für Flugnavigationsdienste
QOS Quality of service Qualität der Dienstleistungen
RLOS Radio line of sight Bereich mit direktem Funkkontakt
RP Remote Pilot Fernführer von unbemannten Luftfahrzeugen
RPA Remotely-piloted aircraft ferngesteuertes Luftfahrzeug
RPAS Remotely-piloted aircraft system ferngesteuertes Luftfahrzeug-System
RPL Remote pilot license Fernführer – Lizenz
RPS Remote pilot station Bodenstation von unbemannten Luftfahrzeug-Systemen
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics Inc. Vereinigung für Kommunikation, Navigation und Überwachung des Flugverkehrsmanagements.(USA)
SAR Search and rescue (service) Such und Rettungsdienst
SARPs Standards and Recommended Practices Standards und empfohlene Praxis
SATCOM Satellite communication Satellitenkommunikation
SMS Safety management system(s) (Flug) Sicherheits Management System(e)
SSP State safety programme nationales (Flug) Sicherheitsprogramm
UA Unmanned aircraft unbemanntes Luftfahrzeug
UAS Unmanned aircraft system(s) unbemanntes Luftfahrzeug System
UOC UAS operator certificate UAS-Betreiber Genehmigung
VDL VHF digital link digitale VHF Funkverbindung
VFR Visual flight rules Sichtflugregeln
VHF Very high frequency Funkwellen sehr hoher Frequenz
VLOS Visual line-of-sight Bereich direkter (ungestörter) Sichtverbindung
VMC Visual meteorological conditions Sichtflug-Wetterbedingungen
WRC World Radiocommunication Conference Welt Funkkommunikationskonferenz

Glossar / Glossary (Explanation of Terms)

Begriff Explanation Beschreibung
Aircraft* Any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air other than the reactions of the air against the earth’s surface.  
Aircraft — category* Classification of aircraft according to specified basic characteristics, e.g. aeroplane, helicopter, glider, free balloon.  
Autonomous aircraft An unmanned aircraft that does not allow pilot intervention in the management of the flight.  
Autonomous operation An operation during which a remotely-piloted aircraft is operating without pilot intervention in the management of the flight.  
Command and control link The data link between the remotely-piloted aircraft and the remote pilot station for the purposes of managing the flight.  
Commercial operation An aircraft operation conducted for business purposes (mapping, security surveillance, wildlife survey, aerial application, etc.) other than commercial air transport, for remuneration or hire.  
Crew member* A person assigned by an operator to duty on an aircraft during a flight duty period.  
Detect and avoid The capability to see, sense or detect conflicting traffic or other hazards and take the appropriate action to comply with the applicable rules of flight.  
Flight crew member* A licensed crew member charged with duties essential to the operation of an aircraft during a flight duty period.  
Flight recorder** Any type of recorder installed in the aircraft for the purpose of complementing accident/incident investigation. In the case of remotely-piloted aircraft, it also includes any type of recorder installed in a remote pilot station for the purpose of complementing accident/incident investigation.  
Flight time — aeroplanes* The total time from the moment an aeroplane first moves for the purpose of taking off until the moment it finally comes to rest at the end of the flight.  
Flight time — helicopters* The total time from the moment a helicopter’s rotor blades start turning until the moment the helicopter finally comes to rest at the end of the flight, and the rotor blades are stopped.  
Flying pilot A person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft and is responsible for the flight trajectory of the aircraft.  
Handover The act of passing piloting control from one remote pilot station to another. (x) ICAO Circular 328-AN/190  
Instrument flight time* Time during which a pilot is piloting an aircraft solely by reference to instruments and without external reference points.  
Lost link. The loss of command and control link contact with the remotely-piloted aircraft such that the remote pilot can no longer manage the aircraft’s flight.  
Operational control* The exercise of authority over the initiation, continuation, diversion or termination of a flight in the interest of safety of the aircraft and the regularity and efficiency of the flight.  
Operator* A person, organization or enterprise engaged in or offering to engage in an aircraft operation.  
Pilot (to)* To manipulate the flight controls of an aircraft during flight time.  
Pilot-in-command* (PIC) The pilot designated by the operator, or in the case of general aviation, the owner, as being in command and charged with the safe conduct of a flight.  
Radio line-of-sight A direct electronic point-to-point contact between a transmitter and a receiver.  
Remote crew member (RCM) A licensed crew member charged with duties essential to the operation of a remotely-piloted aircraft, during flight time.  
Remote pilot (RP) The person who manipulates the flight controls of a remotely-piloted aircraft during flight time.  
Remote pilot station (RPS) The station at which the remote pilot manages the flight of an unmanned aircraft.  
Remotely-piloted Control of an aircraft from a pilot station which is not on board the aircraft.  
Remotely-piloted aircraft An aircraft where the flying pilot is not on board the aircraft. Note.— This is a subcategory of unmanned aircraft.  
Remotely-piloted aircraft system A set of configurable elements consisting of a remotely-piloted aircraft, its associated remote pilot station(s), the required command and control links and any other system elements as may be required, at any point during flight operation.  
RPA observer A remote crew member who, by visual observation of the remotely-piloted aircraft, assists the remote pilot in the safe conduct of the flight.  
Segregated airspace Airspace of specified dimensions allocated for exclusive use to a specific user(s).  
Unmanned aircraft An aircraft which is intended to operate with no pilot on board.  
Unmanned aircraft system An aircraft and its associated elements which are operated with no pilot on board.  
Visual line-of-sight operation An operation in which the remote crew maintains direct visual contact with the aircraft to manage its flight and meet separation and collision avoidance responsibilities.  

Begriffe mit einem Stern* entsprechen den offiziellen IACAO-Festlegungen;
Begriffe mit zwei Sternen** sind in inoffiziellem ICAO-Sprachgebrauch.