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24 24.09.2018

Dedrone Launches Drone Swarm Detection Capabilities

2018-09-24T06:49:19+00:0024.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, Software, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

Dedrone, a developer of drone detection software, has announced the launch of DroneTracker 3.5, which detects, localizes, and tracks simultaneous drones to protect against advanced drone threats. DroneTracker 3.5 software, hosted in the cloud or on-premise, uses Dedrone’s DroneDNA database to recognize and classify RF, WiFi, and autonomous drones approximately one kilometer away from a protected […]

21 21.09.2018

OpenWorks Partners with Liteye Systems for North America

2018-09-21T06:52:24+00:0021.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Business News, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

OpenWorks Engineering Ltd and Liteye Systems Inc., have formed an exclusive partnership to support military, law enforcement and security authorities with their counter-UAS missions; The two companies are joining forces to offer an integrated low-collateral-damage C-UAS defeat layer to Liteye’s already successful counter unmanned systems offerings. Liteye are specialists in the development and deployment of […]

21 21.09.2018

US Regulator Approves $3M Order for 70 DroneGuns

2018-09-21T06:52:09+00:0021.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Business News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

DroneShield Ltd announced that it has received a $3,200,000 order for 70 DroneGuns for use by a Middle Eastern Ministry of Defence. The announcement stated that the Company’s ability to fulfil the order was subject to approval by the relevant U.S. regulator, and that there were no guarantees that the approval for that particular order would be […]

20 20.09.2018

Proximity Fuze Anti-UAS Warhead for the Stinger

2018-09-20T07:27:24+00:0020.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

The Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office, in conjunction with the Armament Research and Development Engineering Center, has completed testing on a new Proximity Fuze warhead for the Stinger missile, which will lead to fielding under an urgent materiel release. With the test flights completed, the new configuration will be authorized for fielding to selected […]

19 19.09.2018

Russian PISHAL Anti-Drone Gun for Military and Civilian Markets

2018-09-19T06:48:29+00:0019.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Events, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

During the ARMY 2018 International Military-Technical Forum, a Russian company called “Avtomatika Concern” (a subsidiary of Rostec state corporation) has introduced an anti-UAV gun called “Pishal” (Пищаль – a Russian word meaning the very early hand cannons). Interestingly, this weapon system will be sold both in the military/LE and civilian markets. According to RIA Novosti news agency, […]

17 17.09.2018

EPE, Thales and D13 to Integrate C-UAS capability into Bushmasters

2018-09-17T07:04:12+00:0017.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Business News, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

At the Land Forces Exhibition in Adelaide,  EPE, Thales and Department 13 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) following successful integration of the MESMER Counter Drone solution into the Bushmaster. The MOU outlines the intent for this solution to provide an interim cyber capability for the vehicle platform. Drones have become a persistent and pervasive […]

17 17.09.2018

Russian REX-1 Counter-UAV System Revealed

2018-09-17T07:04:07+00:0017.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Images from Russia’s major ‘Vostok 2018’ exercise on 13 September appear to show a production version of the REX-1 counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) weapon in use by Russian Federation airborne troops. The REX-1 is a rifle-like, man-portable jammer developed by Kalashnikov Group subsidiary ZALA Aero Group and first seen at a Russian defence exhibition in […]

5 05.09.2018

Liteye Gets $18M USAF Contract for Counter UAS systems

2018-09-05T07:05:22+00:0005.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Liteye Systems has received an $18 million follow on contract for delivery of numerous containerized anti-unmanned aircraft systems, or C-AUDS for short, from the US Air Force. These systems will all deliver in the next 120 days. This is the 5th contract for C-UAS systems and services Liteye has received since the fall of 2016. […]

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30 30.08.2018

Ghoul Tool Full Spectrum – Hand-Held Drone Countermeasure

2018-08-30T06:59:13+00:0030.08.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Florida-based Invisible Interdiction, has launched the second of the Ghoul Tool line of drone countermeasures for military, law enforcement, and counter-terror forces. The GTFS represents the culmination of more than three years’ experience designing systems for the control of drones. The GTFS works by breaking the command & control or navigation radio links between the […]

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27 27.08.2018

First Full Dome 3D Counter-Drone Radar

2018-08-27T07:21:18+00:0027.08.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

The latest in a line of counter-drone radars from SpotterRF is the revolutionary 3D-500. The 3D-500 is the first radar that creates a full dome drone detection area from 0 to 90 degrees in the vertical and 360 degrees in the horizontal with a single radar that weighs 12 pounds. The 3D-500 radar measures latitude, […]

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