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20 20.11.2018

RAS Security Group Demonstrates C-UAS Technology

2018-11-20T08:04:08+00:0020.11.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, UAS Vision|Tags: , |

  RAS Consulting & Investigations and several of their clients joined a leading counter-drone technology vendor at one of California’s most recognizable sports stadiums. The live demonstration successfully showed the newest counter-drone detection and mitigation technologies that can be rapidly deployed to large public venues, airports, and other critical infrastructure sites. Ryan Schonfeld, Founder & CEO […]

15 15.11.2018

MyDefence Integrates C-UAS Sensors in Light Armoured Vehicle

2018-11-15T08:00:49+00:0015.11.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

MyDefence Communication has announced the successful integration of Counter Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology in vehicle platforms for military forces. The integration of the drone sensors allows military operators to effectively detect and defeat enemy drones used for reconnaissance or as weapon delivery systems. MyDefence has developed advanced, networked radio-frequency (RF) sensors, and has worked […]

5 05.11.2018

Raytheon Gets $191M US Army Contract for C-UAS Radars

2018-11-05T07:48:01+00:0005.11.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Business News, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

The U.S. Army awarded Raytheon Company a $191 million contract for Ku-band radio frequency radars. KuRFS, an advanced electronically scanned array system, fills an immediate U.S. Army operational need for a counter-unmanned aerial vehicle radar. Already deployed, KuRFS delivers precision fire control as well as “sense and warn” capability for multiple missions including detection of rocket, artillery, mortar and […]

21 21.10.2018

Drone Net Promises Cost-Effective Security

2018-10-21T04:27:13+00:0021.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Research, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Someday soon, a “Drone Net” now under development at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University could provide a cost-effective way to protect small airports, university and corporate campuses, farms or other operations from irresponsible drone operators. The game-changing technology, based on a network of passive rooftop sensors that capture electro-optical and infrared data (EO/IR), continuously scans the sky – […]

18 18.10.2018

Arturius and DTI sign MOA on Counter Threat COE in Thailand

2018-10-18T06:47:26+00:0018.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Business News, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

UK security and defence company Arturius is set to build a Counter Threat Centre of Excellence (COE) in Thailand to analyse any threats that the country faces. The company has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Thai Government organisation Defence Technology Institute (DTI) and local representative GCS Group Corporation Company. Under the agreement, Arturius will […]

17 17.10.2018

DroneShield Releases DroneCannon Remote Weapon

2018-10-17T06:51:52+00:0017.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

In response to end-user requirements, DroneShield Ltd. has launched the DroneCannon Remote Weapon (RW), a lightweight, “soft kill” drone-jamming solution for use on remote weapon stations. DroneCannon RW will engage and neutralize a swarm of multiple drones simultaneously, and offers an enhanced 500 m jammingSource: DroneShield Ltd.range for 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz and GNS. Historically, […]

11 11.10.2018

Rifle-Mounted C-UAS Fire-Control System from Israel’s Smart Shooter

2018-10-11T06:32:55+00:0011.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Israel’s Smart Shooter is expanding its line of SMASH rifle fire-control systems and has demonstrated the devices for US military personnel, company officials said at the annual Association of the United States Army conference. SMASH uses image processing to automatically acquire a target from the sight’s field of view, and then displays a box around […]

8 08.10.2018

Two New Drone Detection Radars from Ainstein

2018-10-08T06:36:15+00:0008.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, UAS Vision|Tags: , |

Ainstein, a provider of intelligent radar sensing solutions, has announced two new products in its Ultra Long Range UAV radar series; the Ultra Long Range Airborne (ULAB-D1) and Ultra Long Range Ground-Based (ULGB-D1) radars, capable of precise detection more than 1,000 meters away. As drone adoption increases, Ainstein’s new ultra long range UAV radar systems […]

4 04.10.2018

Major Asian Governmental Agency Orders DroneGuns

2018-10-04T06:52:07+00:0004.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Business News, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

DroneShield Ltd has announced that its distributor GT&E has purchased two units of its DroneGun Tactical product, for use by a national security agency of a major Asian country allied with the United States, to be deployed by the agency for drone threat mitigation. It is understood that the end-user undertook an extensive review process benchmarking DroneShield’s […]

26 26.09.2018

Russian Army Trains in Counter-UAV Tactics

2018-09-26T06:40:29+00:0026.09.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

The Southern Military District (YuVO) of the Russian Ministry of Defense is developing new counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) tactics, according to the MoD. Special mobile C-UAV teams have already been integrated into all formations of the district. “The main task of those teams is the detection and elimination of various UAVs,” the MoD said. The […]

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