According to a job posting on Uber’s website spotted by The Wall Street Journal, the ride-hailing company is looking for an operations executive to get delivery drones ready for the UberEats division by 2019 in order to get them commercially operational by 2021.

Uber is seeking an operations executive who can “enable safe, legal, efficient and scalable flight operations” for something called UberExpress, which refers to an in-house name for the unmanned aerial vehicle delivery section of the company’s UberEats division. Upon inquiry by the WSJ, however, Uber removed the listing titled “Flight Standards and Training” from its careers page. A company spokesperson explained that the listing “does not fully reflect our program, which is still in very early days.”

On the LinkedIn listing (since removed) it essentially explains that the candidate will be responsible for establishing all manual content, standards, and procedures for urban cargo deliveries.

Source: The Drive

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