Canada’s ARA Robotics has announced its line of advanced survey-grade UAV accessories, available with the SKYMATE series. The accessories include an RTK kit, PPK and dual antenna, delivering robust, high-precision positioning and accuracy performance, ideal for 2D/3D aerial inspection and mapping applications in all types of environments.

The SKYMATE line of accessories offers competitive performance and ease of integration to multirotor UAV configurations of all types, weights and sizes. The RTK kit is essential for commercial and industrial applications, ensuring the highest level of precision by delivering direct georeferencing and centimeter-level precision positioning. The survey-grade dual antenna offers extreme accuracy on your aircraft’s orientation, as well as protection from electromagnetic interference. Elevate your performance in challenging environments, such as urban settings, by leveraging all available GNSS signals, thus maximizing the availability of centimeter-level accuracy. Furthermore, the PPK improves photogrammetric data, providing superior terrain rendering accuracy in post-processing, using standard RTCM corrections.

“The expansion of our product line is an exciting step in unlocking the tremendous benefits brought forth by UAV technology for the commercial and industrial sectors.” says Pascal Chiva-Bernard, CEO of ARA Robotics. “SKYMATE and its’ line of advanced accessories seamlessly combine advanced robotics technology and professional software tool kits, enabling the industry to foster the use of automated UAVs for aerial data collection, even in challenging environments. The high-quality standards of our production supply chain guarantee the performance and reliability of this cost-efficient solution.”

Source: Press Release

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