Rifle-Mounted C-UAS Fire-Control System from Israel’s Smart Shooter

/Rifle-Mounted C-UAS Fire-Control System from Israel’s Smart Shooter

Israel’s Smart Shooter is expanding its line of SMASH rifle fire-control systems and has demonstrated the devices for US military personnel, company officials said at the annual Association of the United States Army conference.

SMASH uses image processing to automatically acquire a target from the sight’s field of view, and then displays a box around the target in the shooter’s reflex sight. A switch on the weapon’s forestock enables the shooter to select and lock on to a target. SMASH will then only fire when the sight is aligned to hit the target – and this includes ‘leading’ a moving target.

“SMASH is undergoing testing with the Australian Defence Force, as a combined effort with Thales Australia as part of the army’s F-90 assault rifle upgrade programme,” the company said, adding that it has also been “tested by US Special Operations Forces and other military agencies, and entered operational service with the Israel Defence Forces in early 2018”.

Smart Shooter built on the original system to add a counter unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) capability to help shooters engage smaller UAS threats, Abraham Mazor, Smart Shooter’s vice-president for business development, told Jane’s .

The hardware is the same but the software algorithms were changed to account for UAS targets against the background of a sky rather than land, he said. The SMASH 2000 Plus also adds built-in storage so video or images could be recorded for training or after-action reviews.

Smart Shooter said it next plans to offer a SMASH 2000M that would provide ×4 magnification in addition to the optics fire-control capabilities; and a SMASH 2000N could be offered for improved night vision capabilities of the SMASH 2000M.

Source: Jane’s 360

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