The Japan Drone Consortium (JDC) has joined UVS International. JDC, founded in 2012 and established in Inage-ku, Chiba, Japan, is a duly registered national organisation federating Japanese drone manufacturers, operators, distributors, public & private R&D institutions, and various institutions & organisations with drone-related activities (including public organisations & universities).

It is involved in drone-related research and development (with an emphasis on autonomous flight missions), social implementation, and promoting industrial growth.

JDC currently has 280 corporate members and is nationally recognized as a major drone community stakeholder. In coordination with its members, the organisation addresses the following topics in specific working groups: command & control, manufacturer’s responsibility, drone flight rules (code of conduct), identification, registration, UTM/U-Space, maintenance requirements, standards (JDC is a member of ISO TC20/SC16), pilot training & certification. In the context of pilot training, JDC has elaborated the Basic Manoeuvring course and is preparing courses covering: Operational Safety, Autonomous Flight, Flight Frequency Planning (in coordination with the Japan Drone Radio Association). There are currently 15 independent drone pilot schools in Japan accredited by JDC.

Prof. Kenzo Nonami, the JDC Chairman, will represent JDC on UVS International’s Internat ional RPAS Coordination Council (IRCC).

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