Shilat Optronics – an electro-optics company that offers several proprietary technologies for defense and homeland security applications – will launch two innovative night vision products at EUROSATORY 2018.

The company’s night cooled thermal camera and day payload is an advanced observation system that can be mounted on a conventional drone. The system has been specifically designed for use in stand-off situations and where wide-coverage air observation is required. Based on unique, patented electro-optic technology, the payload provides quick access to security-related information, with very high quality aerial optic capabilities, making it an ideal solution in cases where a rapid response is required. A cooled thermal camera, it weighs 1.2 kg, provides human target recognition at a distance of ~ 5 kilometers, has a 30°-60° wide field of view, a 2° narrow field of view, 360° azimuth range and 110° elevation range, including continues optical zoom.

Shilat’s Night Vision Goggles, Low-Light-Level (LLL) cameras are based on a unique CMOS image sensor, specially designed for night vision, homeland security and surveillance expensive consumable parts. The LLL cameras also have a built-in recording capability and optional integrated laser pointer.

The camera comes in different formats for various applications: helmet-mounted night vision goggles; weapon sight; and for drones. Specifications include: frame rate of 30 fps.; rechargeable Li-lon battery; up to 10 hours of operation time; and magnification 1×1 (higher magnification available on request).

Source: Press Release

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