TIME Cover Powered by 958 Intel Drones

/TIME Cover Powered by 958 Intel Drones

Intel and TIME Magazine unveiled the June cover of its all-drone issue – an image created entirely by 958 Intel Shooting Star drones forming the iconic TIME logo. This marks the first cover in TIME’s  95-year history that was captured via a drone camera.

At first glance, readers might assume the June cover is a doctored image, but in reality, 958 Intel drones spanning
approximately 100 meters tall created the TIME logo and magazine boarder in the nighttime sky.

Highlights of this historic cover include:

  • 958 Intel Shooting Star Drones took flight in Folsom, CA, lighting up the nighttime sky with a custom drone-powered light show that formed the TIME logo and magazine boarder
  • This is the first cover in TIME’s 95-year history that was shot via a drone camera (an Astraeus Aerial drone)
  • The team had a flight ceiling of 400 feet to safely operate within, and an animation measuring 328 feet (100 meters)
  • Since the animation was so tightly formed to create this advanced illustration for editorial use, there was no room for error
  • Avoiding collisions while in-flight, gusts of wind and other elements were a concern for the light show team

This is also the first TIME cover to feature an image made by a drone. It was captured by a specialized drone used for commercial and film cinematography that recorded the light show from start to finish.

Click to read the  TIME Special Report: The Drone Era

Sources: Intel Press Release; Time Magazine

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