Bird Eye 400, Israel Aerospace Industries

Last week, on the territory of Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre “Patriot” in Kubinka, Moscow region hosted the III Military-scientific conference “the Robotization of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” and the III Scientific-practical conference “prospects of development and application of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles”.

In addition to the business program, which consisted of two open and two closed sections on the themes of the development of unmanned and robotic systems and their applications, was deployed parallel to a small exhibition.

As noted in his report one of the leading experts on unmanned aircraft Denis Fedutinov, in the open area and in the foyer of the exhibition hall were shown available in the army system of unmanned aerial vehicles, and advanced models offered by Russian companies of the industry for use in the military field. In addition, there have been some subsystems for UAVs.

In particular, the exhibition presents the complex UAVs “Zastava”, which is a complex of the Israeli Bird Eye 400, developed by the Israeli Corporation Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and assembled in Russia under license in “Ural works of civil aviation” (UWCA) in Yekaterinburg.

“According to reports, despite Western sanctions against Russia, Israel fulfill the conditions of the previously concluded agreements on UAVs. Moreover, cooperation, apparently, has not prevented the fact of the wide use of UAVs the Israeli development of the Russian military in Syria. The UAV demonstrated at the exhibition officers explained that the maintenance and repair of equipment and now continue to run using the supply from Israel components and parts. However, some high-tech components such as opto-electronic surveillance systems are sent to repair directly to Israel,” writes in his report D. Fedutinov.

Source: The Koz Times

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