Within the framework of the summit UNVEX S & D, a Reaper MQ-9 will fly between two European countries. A milestone since it will be the first time that an unmanned vehicle of this size –MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) – performs an exercise of these characteristics between two different nations, thanks to the collaboration resulting from the agreement between Air Forces of France and Spain.

The system will fly from its base in the neighbouring country to the Spanish city of León, after carrying a tactical exercise with the Spanish Air Force. The Reaper will fly over the León Air Base, as part of the demonstrations program of UNVEX S&D. The MALE will send images of the area and information from its sensors to the land station before returning to its base in France.

The Spanish Air Force will receive three units of MQ9 Block 5 early 2019, being the fourth European country equipped with this MALE. Representatives of those countries (France, Italy, UK and Spain) will participate in a conference organize before the arrival of the Reaper in the installations of the Air Base.

The Demonstrations Program comprises three sessions with 14 systems that will show their capabilities for military and security purposes to a selected group of authorities, decisión-makers and professionals.

Beside the Reaper, the EUROMALE will be also present in UNVEX with the participation of the Director of OCCAR and the Project Manager of Euromale in the Conference sessions.

More than 80 speakers from different countries and international organizations participate in the Conference, with an expected audience of over 500 professionals, meanwhile 40 companies will exhibit.

Source: Press Release

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