Embraer unveiled its first eVTOL aircraft concept at the Uber Elevate conference in Los Angeles on 8 May.

The concept was developed by the company’s Embraer X, a division responsible for exploring new aviation technologies and markets, which has a preliminary agreement with Uber to examine business opportunities for electrical Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft.

The concept aircraft uses eight rotors to provide vertical lift, until the point it transitions to horizontal flight when lift is maintained by a short wing and a pusher propeller provides forward momentum.

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“We are relentless in our quest for constant growth and through EmbraerX we will drive exponential innovation in the company and accelerate the creation of new businesses that add value to Embraer,” said Paulo Cesar Silva, CEO of Embraer. “Urban mobility is ripe for exponential innovation and we are committed to having a major role in this key market.”

The eVTOL concept would serve passengers in an urban market as part of Uber’s envisioned aerial taxi network. Embraer said the design was created with a focused on safety, reduced noise levels, passenger experience and efficiency.

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