The ScanEagle 3 is a simultaneous multi-mission capable commercial variant of ScanEagle/Integrator military UAS. Being a commercial variant, the UAS is not covered by U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), allowing accelerated global acquisition by customers.

The design combines the ScanEagle fuselage with the twin-tail configuration of naval RQ-21 Integrator.

Using proven design approaches and modularity, ScanEagle3 offers a significantly increased payload capacity — up to three payloads simultaneously — and is fully compatible with existing system components such as INEXA Control and ICOMC2, as well as Insitu’s family of launch and recovery equipment.

The flexible ScanEagle3 features an innovative, adjustable wing positioning to provide flexibility for the aircraft’s center of gravity, and rapid payload changes in the field.

The ScanEagle 3 is capable of carrying multiple payloads, at double the weight compared to its predecessor. It has an endurance of up to 18 hours, an operational ceiling of 20,000 ft and maximum horizontal speed of 80kt.

Other enhancements include the next-generation avionics designed for increased performance across multiple levels of criticality, a new purpose-built propulsion system that increases reliability while reducing lifecycle costs, and the same proven autopilot as RQ-21A Blackjack.

Commercial roles include Infrastructure, oil/gas and mining inspections, Disaster response, Day/night full-motion video, Maritime surface search, Escort and perimeter security, Communications relay, Electronic detection, Maritime vessel tracking and Wildfire monitoring.

The UAS will be available for acquisition from 2019.

Source: Press Release

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