IXI EW has entered into an agreement with T-Worx for integration of the IXI Dronekiller handheld counter UAS system onto the T-Worx Intelligent Rail (I-Rail) system with its rifle operating system. 

The IXI Dronekiller will be redesigned into a small, lightweight, and low power consumption assembly that attaches to the I-Rail, reducing the size, weight and power of the current system by more than 50% to just over two pounds.

Integrating the Dronekiller onto the I-Rail will give soldiers the ability to counter UAS without the burden of carrying a separate, heavier device.

The I-Rail system provides both power and intelligent control of electronic devices when attached to an I-Rail integrated picatinny rail.

The current IXI Dronekiller is a standalone handheld counter-UAS device that employs software-defined radio technology to detect and affect class 1 and class 2 UAS devices without the use of broadband jamming.

The new product will be ready for production by the end of 2018.

Source: Shepherd

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