The Icarus Swarms team launched its new product line dedicated to defense, security and emergency first response industries for the 2021 edition of the CES. The offer is based on a pioneering technology using intelligent pathfinding algorithms and microdrones coordinated in a swarm.

This technology has the potential to transform military and police strategies when responding to emergency situations as the drone swarms are easy to deploy and fully automatic. This allows the drones to act as active aids to the emergency forces without diverting their attention and manpower. The use of commercial drones for our drone swarms makes this technology particularly affordable and therefore could be replicated and used by a large body of professionals.

The possibilities of this technology are limitless as sensors can be added to the drones to fulfill specific requirements, including infrared projectors, radioactive detectors, audio speakers, radio jammers, pyrotechnics, thermic cameras etc. For instance, drones fitted with radioactivity sensors can detect dirty bomb threats at events where large crowds are gathered such as the Olympic games or to assess very quickly (less than twenty minutes) the radioactivity levels after an explosion to ensure it is safe for the emergency services to begin operations.

The addition of infrared lights to the drones can make the drone swarms very useful during concealed military operations at night: the advancing military units equipped with night vision goggles are able to see clearly as the drones fully illuminate the area with infrared lights while the terrain remains completely dark for the enemy.

We believe this technology has the power to make our responses in emergency situations more efficient and look forward to developing and adapting it along with our partners in the military and response forces.

“It has been a long and exciting journey to develop this product. We are convinced that it is just the very beginning and we have only scratched the surface – drone swarms are definitely a disruptive technology”

says Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, co-founder and CTO of Icarus Swarms.

Source: Press Release

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