Dubai Tech Company Develops Magnetic Shield C-UAS System

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Cusp Technologies, a Dubai-based tech solutions company, has developed a new system for using magnetic beams in many applications specially in defense and space. One of its main applications is to repel hostile drone attacks.

The innovative system is based on the use of advanced magnet technology to create a “magnetic shield” to repel hostile attacks from drones, which are either directed remotely, or have pre-programmed routes.

The technology also provides the potential to expand its defense capabilities and create a magnetic shield that can counter any kind of military attacks.

“Drones widespread in the past few years, so the risks that these aircrafts pose have increased. This could cause damage to the main infrastructure, and paralyze both trade and travel in many countries,”

said Mohamed Saleh, founder and chairman, Cusp Technologies.

He added that the company has conducted a recent study to develop technology and systems that enhance the capabilities of countering the attacks of these aircrafts. It concluded that magnetic beam techniques can be used in the applied and military fields, as these technologies are designed to protect certain areas, pointing out that the features of these technologies is the result of 5 years of research, and hard work.

He pointed out that the new technology proved very positive results in preventing drone attacks, with the possibility of expanding its capabilities and being useful in other fields such as space technology. Saleh confirmed that another research study is currently being conducted in cooperation with a specialized American company, in order to increase the effect of the magnetic beam to a range of up to 100 km.

The new technology is scheduled to be displayed on a special platform that will be launched during the “IDEX 2021” and” NAVDEX 2021”exhibitions, which will be held between February 21-25 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. More than 60 countries are participating in the two exhibitions, with 1,300 companies.

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