DroneShield Ltd has announced the deployment of its multi-sensor C-UAS DroneSentry system at the Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland, as well as provide an update on record Purchase Orders and customer cash receipts for the quarter to date.

The deployment consists of the following DroneShield solutions:

  • multiple RfOne units, able to detect, ID and track single or swarms of UAS in real time, at the world leading 8km range, as well as indicate the location of the UAS pilot
  • DroneOpt optical verification systems, with DroneShield proprietary DroneOptID AI-based engine, with ability to ID and track the UAS and its payload
  • DroneSentry-C2 command-and-control (“C2”) user interface, an intuitive, low cognitive burden C2 with ability to alert and track the incoming UAS in real time, as well as provide extensive reporting functionality, creating a high degree of UAS flight awareness around the airport precinct.

The system is entirely passive (no emissions) with no interference to other equipment, making it well suited for the airport environment.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, has commented,

“Airports have experienced a substantial degree of disruption due to UAS flights at their facilities. Small UAS present multiple well-documented dangers to the airliners, including critical engine damage risk in the event the UAS and its lithium batteries come into contact with it, or creating windshield cracks on impact.”

Timo Nielsen, the Altenrhein Airport Safety & Compliance Manager, has commented,

“We are pleased to partner with DroneShield, as the global leader in the C-UAS space, for the deployment at our airport, enabling us to receive actionable awareness of the UAS activity in our air space. Importantly, as a forward leaning airport, we welcome visits from other airports in Europe and elsewhere globally, to contact us or DroneShield, to learn more about the deployed system, and see it at a working airport facility.”

Source: Press Release

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