Michael Jordan owns his very own golf club in Florida, and it’s called Grove XXIII, since he was No. 23 throughout his career (except for those few months when he was No. 45 when he came back).

The story goes that Jordan had grown tired of the regulations and rules and culture of Medalist Golf Club in Jupiter. Instead of playing the long game to change some things about the club that he didn’t like, Jordan decided he would just start his own club. He bought land, hired Bobby Weed to design a course, and then he invited some members. That’s what happens when you’re a billionaire.

Jordan’s Grove XXIII apparently isn’t the typical, austere private club. Quite the opposite. His Airness has brought some unique amenities and technology to his club, including replacing the traditional beverage cart with drone delivery service. You read that right.

Instead of having a staffer drive around the cart path all day and selling drinks to members, or limiting members’ access to halfway houses, Jordan’s Grove XXIII uses drones to send out members’ orders right to them on the golf course. The members order drinks and/or snacks, and then the order is compiled and hooked up to a drone. The drone is then flown out to where the ordering members are and lowered down to the ground gently by drone pilot. The members take their order, and then the drone is flown back to the clubhouse to repeat the process.

There are some other unique facets to Grove XXIII, including golf carts without a governor, meaning they can go up to 35 mph because that’s really the max speed a cart can reach instead of the limits almost every golf club place on how fast you can go in a cart. Caddies ride on golf scooters so they can quickly jump ahead of golfers when needed and not slow up members who ride in carts while they walk.

Source: Golf News Net

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