Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research (NUAIR) has partnered with DroneResponders, the world’s fastest growing nonprofit program supporting the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – commonly referred to as “drones” – by public safety and emergency services professionals.

NUAIR has helped over 25 state, county and local municipality emergency responders implement UAS programs, enhancing their operations and helping save lives. This new partnership will enhance UAS educational services and training programs for public safety organizations.

Public safety organizations are quickly realizing the life-saving potential of drones. Search and rescue, situational awareness/live streaming, and reconnaissance are the top three UAS missions ranked in order of importance according to public safety UAS professionals. The lack of educational activities, training, programs and awareness of useful drone technology are some of the key issues NUAIR and DroneResponders plan on addressing in their new partnership.

“NUAIR continues to enhance its services to New York State agencies, partnering with DroneResponders will help us within the public safety sector,” said Michael Hertzendorf, chief executive officer of NUAIR. “NUAIR’s technological expertise, flight experience and training, paired with DroneResponders’ network of public safety officials and their specific needs, will help accelerate the adoption of drone technology in emergency response organizations.”

“Our partnership with NUAIR will help accelerate the adoption of UAS by first responders across New York State and beyond to help save lives and property,” said Charles Werner, director of DroneResponders and retired fire chief from Charlottesville, VA. “Our DroneResponders Major Cities Working Group members will also be working closely with NUAIR to conduct research and testing on the use of public safety UAS in large urban and metropolitan areas.”

This new partnership compliments NUAIR’s “NYFLY” program – a New York UAS public-private partnership program being developed to spur the adoption of UAS into state and local government operations to help solve problems and increase effectiveness and efficiency of operations. The NYFLY program is open to all New York State agencies looking to enhance their operations including public safety, the energy sector (powerline, pipeline, windmill inspections), environmental conservation and more.

Source: Press Release

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