Neva Aerospace has announced the availability of new models in its Athena range of the world’s first electric turbofans (ETFs) optimised for static thrust and VTOL/STOL. Unique turbofan housings further ingeniously boosts thrust with no extra weight added.

April 2018 saw another technology leap when Neva announced that it has boosted the maximum thrust of its Athena turbine, with its new version V1.62, weighing just over 1kg to 3.4kgf (36N).

This advance has been achieved by improving the shroud geometry and changing motorisation. It allows better distributed propulsion for aircraft and drones.

Neva Aerospace turbofans are uniquely optimised for vertical and short takeoff and landing (VTOL & STOL). They are intrinsically safe and sustainable as there are no uncaged rotors.  Remarkably light and powerful and meet engineers’ needs for power, control and safety as they design commercial drones and electric aircraft for practical applications where payload and range are critical. These will range from logistics and long-distance surveying to providing stable platforms for aerial robots.

The breakthrough technology of the Athena Series ETFs will displace uncaged rotor blades in the current commercial drone applications and is creating exciting new possibilities for the development of the next generation of unmanned aerial systems.

Source: Press Release

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