In the framework of the VIII International Forum “The Arctic: the Present and the Future,” the General Director of the Kalashnikov Concern, Vladimir Dmitriev, spoke about the possibilities of the new unmanned ZALA Arctic complex, adapted to work in arctic conditions.

“ZALA Arctic series UAVs are capable of successfully solving civil and military tasks in conducting research in the Arctic zone, ensuring maritime safety, round-the-clock protection of perimeters, and organizing a complete system for tracking the Arctic coast and territorial waters,” said Vladimir Kalashnikov, General Director. Dmitriev.

Due to the adaptability of the ZALA 421-08M and ZALA 421-16E complexes for operation at significant sub-zero temperatures, numerous reconnaissance operations and regular monitoring of ice conditions can be safely conducted. The capabilities of the ZALA Arctic technology help plan oil and gas production, where accurate weather and ice forecasts are needed.

Unmanned aerial systems ZALA are equipped with an AIS system capable of detecting and identifying ships at a distance of up to 100 km, which is several times longer than the range of ground vehicles. The user of the ZALA Arctic complex receives information about each ship – name, size, course and speed. The complex has its own alternative navigation system GIRSAM. This system is designed specifically for navigating both unmanned aircraft and ground / surface users in the face of suppression or absence of GPS or GLONASS signals.

Unmanned aircraft are able to complete the duration of 250 minutes. High-quality decryption data processing software. The complex has both been a manned aircraft and a ground-based group.

UAS operators can live autonomously in the Arctic in a specially designed all-season residential module based on a 20-foot sea container. It is also intended for the rational maintenance of unmanned aircraft systems at their place of operation. The main advantage of the container is the complete independence of the life support system from external power sources: the complex is equipped with all necessary equipment and machinery. The steel outer shell and the inner insulation of the container with a special heat-resistant plastic ensure its smooth operation even at the lowest temperatures.

Source: Press Release

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