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19 19.10.2018

Microwave Beams Could Power UAS

2018-10-19T06:46:35+00:0019.10.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, Research, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are developing technology that could see the drones powered by microwave beams from the ground, opening up the possibility of continuous flight. Existing wireless power transfer (WPT) systems require very close proximity, such as the charging pads used for smartphones and electric cars, based on electromagnetic induction. Instead, in an […]

18 18.10.2018

Enhanced Trinity F9 eVTOL UAV on Display

2018-10-18T06:47:31+00:0018.10.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Quantum-Systems GmbH, a German-based eVTOL fixed-wing UAV company founded in 2015 and currently present at the market with its Trinity and TRON UAV systems, just announced the enhanced version of the Trinity –  the Trinity F9. With the PPK module leading the way in the newly announced enhancements, the user now enjoys more accuracy, reliability […]

8 08.10.2018

Russian Gas Turbine for UAVs Passes Bench Tests

2018-10-08T06:36:22+00:0008.10.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Benchmark trials of the small-size turbojet engine for ultra-light unmanned aircraft have been finished in Kazan, at JSC Eniks test bench licensed by the Russian Defense Ministry. The engine sets a new standard of economical efficiency in its class, director of Reynoldsdesign bureau Nikita Gusev told Mil.Press Today. The main purpose of the trials was […]

25 25.09.2018

Singapore’s HES Energy Systems to Launch Autonomous Zero Carbon Hydrogen Aviation Program in France

2018-09-25T07:12:18+00:0025.09.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

HES Energy Systems, developer of high performance hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems for aerial platforms, is announcing its expansion to France to begin work on the first decentralized hydrogen infrastructure for autonomous fuel cell powered aerial vehicles. The move is part of HES’ broader goals to introduce long range zero emission aviation powered by renewable […]

20 20.09.2018

Antares E2 Fuel Cell Technology at INTERGEO

2018-09-20T07:27:32+00:0020.09.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, Events, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

The INTERGEO, which takes place in Frankfurt from 16 to 18 October, offers the opportunity to become acquainted with aviation innovation such as the Antares E2 of Zweibrücker Lange Research Aircraft GmbH as part of the Interaerial Solutions Expo (IASEXPO). The idea born in 2011 of conquering the airspace with hydrogen-powered aircraft is going into production for the first time with the Antares […]

13 13.09.2018

Impossible Aerospace Raises $9.4 M Series A for Two-Hour Flight Time Electric Drone

2018-09-13T07:25:29+00:0013.09.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, Non-Military & Commercial UAS, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

Impossible Aerospace has announced a $9.4 million Series A funding and unveiled the US 1, an electric commercial-grade drone with a flight time of up to two hours. The battery life of the US-1 outperforms the approximate 25-minute single-charge flight time of other drones available today and brings it to parity with gasoline-fuelled systems. The US-1 is the first aircraft designed with a “battery-first approach,” […]

12 12.09.2018

Rolls-Royce to Power Boeing MQ-25 for US Navy

2018-09-12T07:05:18+00:0012.09.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, Business News, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

Rolls-Royce engines have been selected by Boeing to power the US Navy’s new MQ-25 Stingray aircraft, which will provide unmanned, carrier-based air-to-air refuelling. The US Navy has awarded the MQ-25A engineering and manufacturing contract to Boeing to provide four aircraft. The MQ-25 is designed to provide the US Navy with a much-needed refuelling capability and […]

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7 07.09.2018

BlueBird’s Dual-Hybrid (VTOL) Version of the ThunderB

2018-09-07T06:47:41+00:0007.09.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, Military UAS, News, UAS Vision, VTOL|Tags: , , , , |

BlueBird Aero Systems recently revealed a new VTOL Capability of its long range, long endurance ThunderB tactical UAS (~30Kg, 4m wing-span), only 2 months after exposing an exceptional Cargo Release Capability of the ThunderB UAV at Eurosatory 2018.  The new dual-hybrid ThunderB VTOL is capable of taking-off vertically from a very small ground clearing or […]

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5 05.09.2018

Elektra Solar Completes First Flight with Autopilot

2018-09-05T06:50:03+00:0005.09.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, Applications & Testing & Experience, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Elektra Solar GmbH commissioned its new redundant autopilot system on 30.08.2018 and successfully demonstrated several autonomous flights with its high-altitude long endurance aircraft Elektra Two Solar. For safety reasons, another pilot was on board, but not had to intervene at any stage of the flights. With no problems and in less than ideal weather conditions, […]

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31 31.08.2018

WiBotic Wireless Power System for Matrice 200 Series

2018-08-31T06:52:19+00:0031.08.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

WiBotic, a supplier of wireless charging and power optimization solutions for the robotics industry, has announced a new wireless power system for the DJI Matrice 200 (M200) and DJI Matrice 210 (M210).  The easy-to-install WiBotic wireless power system enables fully autonomous recharging of the drones, so they can be on constant standby or fly repeatedly without the […]

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