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4 04.04.2018

FAA asks: Could you be a LAANC service supplier?

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The Federal Aviation Administration is looking for a few good suppliers, for the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC), that is. In October 2017, the FAA deployed LAANC (pronounced “LANCE”) at several air traffic facilities to evaluate how well the prototype system functioned for drone operators who want [...]

4 04.04.2018

Workhorse earns patent for truck-launched drone package delivery

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Workhorse Group Inc., an American technology company focused on providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the commercial electric transportation sector, has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent, number 9,915,956, for the HorseFly Truck Launched Drone Package Delivery System. The HorseFly UAV [...]

27 27.03.2018

Aspen, Sensurion join forces to develop certified UAS avionics

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Aspen Avionics Inc. and Sensurion Aerospace have formed a partnership to codevelop certified avionics for the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and unmanned air-taxi markets.  Aspen—based in Albuquerque, New Mexico—and Sensurion—based in Bloomington, Minnesota—will focus on Federal Aviation Administration-certified autopilots, communications, navigation and surveillance systems for small, medium and [...]

27 27.03.2018

DJI partners on first custom-built commercial drone

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Commercial drone data company Skycatch, and DJI, a manufacturer of civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, have extended their partnership to manufacture and deliver a fleet of high-precision drones for Komatsu Smart Construction. Each drone is manufactured by DJI and outfitted with specialized Skycatch technology, and is the [...]

27 27.03.2018

Raytheon details plans for drone swarm technology

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Raytheon is sprinting into the drone swarming market. The technology developer that specializes in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions, is developing a new technology suite capable of directing and controlling swarms of small autonomous air and ground vehicles. Working under DARPA’s Offensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics program, Raytheon is [...]