19 19.10.2018

Turkey Orders 22 More Anka UAVs

2018-10-19T07:02:49+00:0019.10.2018|Kategorien: Business News, Military UAS, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

Turkey’s military and security forces will receive 22 more Anka unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and special purpose tactical wheeled armoured vehicles (TTZAs), local media reported a few days after the meeting of the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSIK) of the Turkish Defense Industries Directorate (SSB) on 10 October. In a statement issued after the meeting, […]

19 19.10.2018

DroneSense–FLIR Edition Drone Flight Control and Management Software Platform

2018-10-19T07:02:38+00:0019.10.2018|Kategorien: News, Software, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

FLIR Systems, Inc. has announced the DroneSense–FLIR Edition, a drone flight management software platform designed for public safety applications. FLIR announced a strategic investment in DroneSense, an Austin, Texas-based unmanned aircraft system (UAS) software platform maker, in April 2018 and this is the first product under that collaboration. DroneSense-FLIR Edition is the only software platform […]

19 19.10.2018

Microwave Beams Could Power UAS

2018-10-19T06:46:35+00:0019.10.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, Research, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are developing technology that could see the drones powered by microwave beams from the ground, opening up the possibility of continuous flight. Existing wireless power transfer (WPT) systems require very close proximity, such as the charging pads used for smartphones and electric cars, based on electromagnetic induction. Instead, in an […]

18 18.10.2018

World Premiere of Drone Rescue Parachutes at Intergeo

2018-10-18T07:03:04+00:0018.10.2018|Kategorien: News, Non-Military & Commercial UAS, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

The Austrian provider of parachute rescue systems for unmanned aircraft will present the systems DRS-5 and DRS-10 to the professional public for the first time at the Intergeo in Frankfurt am Main. After completion of the last flight tests for the DRS-5 in late Summer 2018, the first systems will be delivered to end customers […]

18 18.10.2018

PAE ISR Partners with NASA for UAS/ NAS Demo

2018-10-18T07:02:57+00:0018.10.2018|Kategorien: News, Non-Military & Commercial UAS, Regulatory Matters, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

PAE ISR, LLC, the original equipment manufacturer of the Resolute Eagle, signed a cooperative agreement with NASA to conduct a demonstration in the National Airspace System in 2020 and work toward full integration of unmanned aerial systems into the NAS. “NASA’s Systems Integration and Operationalization Demo program is a great opportunity to validate integration of […]

18 18.10.2018

Avitas Gets First FAA Civil BVLOS Approval with Radar

2018-10-18T06:47:37+00:0018.10.2018|Kategorien: News, Non-Military & Commercial UAS, Regulatory Matters, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

Avitas Systems, a GE venture, received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to fly an unmanned aerial system (UAS) beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in Loving County, Texas. The permission authorizes the company to fly a UAS over 55 lb at low altitudes without a visual observer for industrial inspection; it is the first FAA-approved […]

18 18.10.2018

Enhanced Trinity F9 eVTOL UAV on Display

2018-10-18T06:47:31+00:0018.10.2018|Kategorien: Aircraft Propulsion & Energy, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

Quantum-Systems GmbH, a German-based eVTOL fixed-wing UAV company founded in 2015 and currently present at the market with its Trinity and TRON UAV systems, just announced the enhanced version of the Trinity –  the Trinity F9. With the PPK module leading the way in the newly announced enhancements, the user now enjoys more accuracy, reliability […]

18 18.10.2018

Arturius and DTI sign MOA on Counter Threat COE in Thailand

2018-10-18T06:47:26+00:0018.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, Business News, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , , |

UK security and defence company Arturius is set to build a Counter Threat Centre of Excellence (COE) in Thailand to analyse any threats that the country faces. The company has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Thai Government organisation Defence Technology Institute (DTI) and local representative GCS Group Corporation Company. Under the agreement, Arturius will […]

17 17.10.2018

DroneShield Releases DroneCannon Remote Weapon

2018-10-17T06:51:52+00:0017.10.2018|Kategorien: Anti-Drone, News, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

In response to end-user requirements, DroneShield Ltd. has launched the DroneCannon Remote Weapon (RW), a lightweight, “soft kill” drone-jamming solution for use on remote weapon stations. DroneCannon RW will engage and neutralize a swarm of multiple drones simultaneously, and offers an enhanced 500 m jammingSource: DroneShield Ltd.range for 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz and GNS. Historically, […]

17 17.10.2018

SimActive Releases Version 8.0 with 3D Modelling

2018-10-17T06:20:57+00:0017.10.2018|Kategorien: News, Software, UAS Vision|Tags: , , |

SimActive Inc., a developer of photogrammetry software,has announced the release of version 8.0 with a new 3D modelling module for Correlator3D. The module allows the generation of 3D textured meshes to create photorealistic models, which can be exported in standard formats, including OBJ files.  “Adding a 3D modelling function addresses an increasing need in the […]

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